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Botox is one of the most performed plastic surgical techniques in Turkey and as well as in the World.

Botox can improve nasal breathing which is called a functional treatment and also can provide cosmetic benefits which is also called aesthetic treatment. Opr. Dr. Hasan Duygulu aims to provide their patients happiness and satisfaction with a team that is diligent to serve at the highest level at his private clinic.

Dr. Hasan Duygulu has successfully operated more than 4.000 Botox surgeries for the last 12 years.

What is Botox Application?

Botoks substance is actually a toxin of the bacterium called “clostridium botulinium”. However, this protein has been used for many years in the treatment of some eye and neurological diseases. In my application, I gennerally use it for cosmetic purposes to remove wrinkles on the face or sometimes migrainn treatment or bruxism treatment . I recommend it to all my patients who have wrinkles around the forehead and around the eyes, who use their facial expressions a lot and have the potential to develop wrinkles. It should be known that the static lines formed in this region do not disappear with botox. That is why I tell my patients that if these lines are made while they are still dynamic, the formation of these lines will be prevented in the future. I apply under local anesthesia with topical creams and cold application before the procedure in my clinic in about 15 minutes.


Dr Hasan Duygulu is an expert in his field and has a lot of experience. With rhinoplasty,
your nose can be made smaller, more prominent, thinner or wider. Just imagine the nose you want to have.

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Before & After

In order to have information about rhinoplasty, the photos in the Before and After Nose Aesthetics section can help you and you can see the results of others, and you can get detailed information by meeting with Dr Hasan Duygulu.

Before & After

In order to have information about rhinoplasty, the photos in the Before and After Nose Aesthetics section can help you and you can see the results of others, and you can get detailed information by meeting with Dr Hasan Duygulu.

    What is Filler Application?

    Hyaluronic acid ; It is derived from the Greek word hyalos, meaning “glass”. Also known as hyaluronan or hyaluronate, abbreviated as “HA”. It is the main component of the extracellular matrix. Here we use this substance the most in this application. We create younger expressions on the face by filling the depressions in our facial area caused by our thinning skin and sagging fat packs with this component, or we shape the lip, the effect varies between 8 months and 1 year. It shows its effect instantly with a 15-minute application.

    • Areas I apply in my clinic:
    • Under eye filler
    • Lip filler
    • Nasolabial filling
    • Temple filler
    • Chin filler
    • Cheek filling

    It is possible to use permanent filling materials for 1-1.5 years on the chin and cheek.

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      Facr Oil Opretation?

      Hyaluronic acid fillers can also be used in the face area, or it can be filled with fat tissues taken from the patient’s own body. In addition to the filling function of the oil, it also has a rejuvenating effect. The procedure, which takes about 30 minutes, is performed in the form of applying the fat taken from the hip or navel region of the body to the face after a few procedures. In my clinic, I apply it to the forehead, chin and cheekbones of my patients who have a back forehead in combination with nose surgery.

      In Which Situations Is Botox Applied?

      Botox is applied in the following cases;
      Wrinkle treatment; Depending on age, there may be wrinkles on the skin at some points in the face area. Botox application is preferred to treat these wrinkles. By applying Botox to the tiny muscles of the face, the contraction of these muscles, that is, the restriction of their movement can treat wrinkles.

      Face shaping; Botox is applied to raise or lower the eyebrow tail ,or to make the lower face thinner.
      Masseter (chewing muscle) Hypertrophy: Botox can be given to the jaw muscle, called the masseter muscle, to reduce the volume of this muscle, or botox can be given to the masseter muscle as a tooth clenching treatment such as bruxism.

      Over-sweating treatment; Botox is applied to the sweat glands. Botox reduces the communication of the nerves in the sweat glands, so the sweat glands work less.
      Migraine treatment; Botox is applied subcutaneously to 7 areas of the head and neck, to 31 injection points, with finer needle tips. This treatment is planned individually for each patient. There are at least two treatment periods and a break of 12 weeks is required between the two treatment periods.

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      In which areas is Botox used?

      Botox; It is a material obtained from the toxin of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and its usage area is very wide. It has become very common in the treatment of diseases such as ocular spasm (involuntary contractions in the eyes), laryngeal spasm, obesity, facial paralysis (facial paralysis), migraine headaches, bruxism, as well as in facial rejunvination. Its basic logic is to prevent these muscle groups from contracting temporarily by injecting them into muscle groups that we do not want to contract. These diseases are treated with the effect of temporary muscle paralysis that we artificially create.

      Is Botox snake venom?

      The information that Botox is snake venom is a false information. The material obtained from a bacterial toxin is a protein used for therapeutic purposes. Toxins are used in many areas as treatment or vaccine. Many of our childhood vaccines are derived from toxins. Therefore, it would be wrong to call this product, which is used for therapeutic purposes, poison. The purpose of Botox is to prevent the mimic muscles from working with this protein and to reduce wrinkles. The effect lasts for four-six months. Then it must be repeated. It is transported by cold chain. Disruptions in the cold chain lead to a decrease in its effect.

      Is Botox a safe treatment method?

      Botox is an extremely reliable method. However, it should be done consciously, by experienced doctors who have knowledge on this subject. Otherwise, undesirable results may appear. Many of these undesirable results will negatively affect the patient’s life as they will remain for several months. For this reason, it is not appropriate for people who do not have a certificate, who we call under the stairs, who are not doctors, to do botox. Undesirable causes such as drooping eyelids, laughing disorders, droopy eyebrows, eyebrow asymmetries, facial paralysis, drooling from the corner of the mouth may occur.

      Is Botox harmful?

      Botox is not harmful. It is extremely useful in treating facial wrinkles. Botox, which is applied every six-eight months after a certain age, prevents wrinkles on the face, makes individuals look younger, healthier, and increases the sense of self-confidence.

      Does Botox cause facial expression loss?

      The mechanism of action of Botox is by temporarily stopping the functions of some muscle groups. In botox for aging, these muscle groups are mimic muscles. By blocking the mimic muscles, a smoother, younger appearance is obtained on the skin. Of course, failure of mimic muscles may cause loss of expression, but if the patient does not want his expression to be lost, it can be done in lighter doses so that some of the mimic muscles are protected so that expression loss does not occur much.

      Can pregnant women have botox?

      There is no extensive and reliable scientific research done on pregnant women about Botox. Therefore, botox is not recommended for pregnant individuals. Although the procedure is regional, pregnant women should stay away from this procedure unless there is a reliable scientific source.